Half Cab Pro 92 (Uprise) White VBU
Half Cab Pro 92 (Uprise) White VBU
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Vans Half Cab Pro 92 (Uprise) White VBU $75.00



Vans Pro Skate x Uprise Skateshop 
Mens Shoe 
Half Cab Pro 
Uprise - White 

Uprise teamed up with Vans again this year to bring back the Half Cab that was received so well last year. The idea was the same: work with Vans to develop a Half Cab that had the design details that we all loved from the Half Cab that we stocked when the shop opened in 1997. We even made sure to bring back that classic Vans natural cardboard box, but with some new Uprise details. 

Although made in limited numbers, the Uprise Vans Half Cab is designed to be skated and shredded. 

Design features: 
- 2-piece toe construction as on 90’s Half Cab’s 
- 2mm higher foxing all around for more lateral support 
- Slimmer overall profile and last 
- 30% thinner tongue 
- Classic rounded toe cap 
- Cloth backed vulc wrap 
- True gum waffle sole 
- High-quality suede 
- Thinner, basic shoelace 
- Natural open-weave Pro insole with Uprise Vans graphic print 
- Uprise Chicago 1997 woven label on inside of tongue 

Shoes are listed in Mens Sizes, to compare to Womens sizes add 1.5 sizes.
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