Uprise x Sapient!

Uprise x Sapient!

Camerawork: Tortoise, Miguel Huerta
Edit: Tortoise 

Camerawork & Edit: Chris Elvira 

Celebrating Sapient boards on the walls at Uprise, the crews got together to skate, BBQ and jam with Garbige Can.  It was hot as hell and the vibes were high! 

The session celebrated Sapient boards being available at Uprise but we'd like to recognize the Sapient crew's full contributions to Chicago skateboarding - from manufacturing decks in Chicago 100% from the ground up to backing & hosting multiple events every month (Wilson Wednesdays, Montrose Hurdle, etc..) to facilitating DIY projects around the city, this crew goes non-stop for the community. 
That full-follow-through mindset translates to their board production too - well thought out techniques, tested and revised molds and processes, with years of development before hitting retail. Check out Sapient decks on the walls at Uprise or on upriseskateshop.com, a variety of shapes, sizes and wheelbases available, made in Chicago... 

Thanks to all involved, now go grab a deck 100% made in Chicago and hit the streets! (click to shop Sapient decks online...)

Photos by Matt Perez


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