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Chi-Town Pup' 'Scots - South Paw (7.75")

Chi-Town Pup' 'Scots - South Paw (7.75")

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Skateboard Deck
Chi-Town Pup' 'Scots
South Paw - 7.75" x 31.5" - 14.0"wb

The return of the amazing Uprise series by Felipe Motta aka "Mottilaa", our brilliant friend & artist from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Chi-Town Pup' 'Scots is the second edition of the series and third collection by Felipe & Uprise dating back to 2011, although the friendships / Uprise & Rio connection started decades ago. We can't say enough about the crews from Rio and always see that respect returned.
Seven boards complete the series including the "Team" board on a custom shape, dye cut stickers and some personal shout outs & inside jokes in the details

Includes a sheet of Jessup griptape. Leave us a note if you prefer Mob.

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